• Delivered ready-to-wire, complete with lead and combined socket / plug
  • Monitoring of water level inside cistern
  • Automatic switching to fresh water when water remains under minimum low level
  • Version XRC 2 comes with relative level indication
  • Level control by sensor or float switch
  • Direct control of motorized zone valves or solenoid valves
  • Application independent of fresh water flow (into the water system or into cistern)
  • Permanent fresh water operation possible (e.g. for maintenance works inside cistern)
  • Simulation of remaining below minimum low level
  • Direct unswitched 230 V outlet for pump control (e.g. Xcon Fluomac)
  • Direct unswitched 230 V outlet for pump control on combined socket/plug
  • Regular activation of switched outlet to avoid sticking on solenoid valves
  • Box with protection degree IP 55 suitable for use in wet rooms
    (dimensions approx. L 120 x W 88 x H 60 mm, fixing by screws on back plate)

    To monitor the water level inside the cistern we recommend our special float switch Champ 2 G-F with 2-wire PVC cable and microswitch with gold contacts. Champ 2 G-F makes contact when reaching the lower level.
Technichal Data
Mains cord with Schuko plug and unswitched outlet
0,75 m long, 3G1
Max. ambient temperature
Dimensions of box 127 x 87 x 61 mm
IP 54
Supply voltage 230 V ac, 2 VA
Voltage and max. contact capacity  
Sensor/float switch 5 V / 10 mA 5 V / 10 mA
Motor valve / solenoid valve 250 V / 1 A (fuse 5 A)
Pump 250 V / 5 A
Mains 250 V / 6 A

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