X c o ns e r v i c e s


Marketing and Outsourcing by xcellent contacts

It is our concern to assist you to avoid superfluous costs arising from sourcing material
on the one hand and from global marketing on the other hand.
Our offices in Germany and Singapore will be happy to contact on your behalf potential suppliers or buyers in Europe, Asia, America or Australia.
Should you be interested in having your products manufactured or assembled in the Far
East we'll be glad to search for appropriate premises and to bring them in touch with you.
It goes without saying that we'd co-ordinate any efforts up to the signature of an agreement
which will be prepared by ourselves as well.

Is it your clear objective

  • to reduce your purchasing prices?

  • to develop new markets for your articles?

  • to increase sales and profit?

  • to extend your range of products?

  • to manufacture or have manufactured any products in Asia?

Let us know about it, send us a fax or eMail.
Find our address on page
"Xcon". We'll respond without any delay!