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Xcon International Marketing Services
A young company, founded 1996, with a focus on electrical switchgear assisting its partners in marketing, distribution, purchasing and outsourcing activities. Xcon consults, procures and sells xcellent quality - without exception.
Main concern of the company’s pros in electrics and of everybody in the company is their customers' requirements and, of course, the customer himself. They are committed to being available to the customer at any time and any place.
Xcon provides xcellent service - without exception.
Xcellent contacts

The emphasis of the business is on manual motor starters, float switches, pressure switches and residual current devices; this range can be complemented by individually required components such as liquid level controls and pump controls.
Any Xcon product is made in Europe; beside its own range Xcon is the link between the user/distributor and the manufacturer; Xcon supports the prospective buyer in his world-wide search for the suitable supplier - and vice versa!
Xcon provides international marketing services - by Xcellent contacts!

Another excellent company is managed under Xcon’s roof – Zafran’s, Germany’s market leader when it comes to design oriented gourmet gifts. Far away from electrotechnics, but as excellent as Xcon in service and quality.

Contact Germany / Singapore
Xcon GmbH & Co KG is located in the heart of Europe in the ancient town of Rheda-Wiedenbrück with an affiliated Company, Xcon Pte. Ltd., in Singapore - the world business community's centre.

HQ Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Xcon GmbH & Co KG
international marketing services

Auf dem Pulverkamp 39

D - 33 378 Rheda-Wiedenbrück

phone + 49 .(0)5242 .577 - 467
fax + 49 .(0)5242 .577 - 468

eMail: xcon@xcon.de

office Singapore

Xcon Pte. Ltd.
international marketing services

22A Lin Teck Boo Road
#04-02Henley Industrial Bldg

S i n g a p o r e 53 7002

fon + 0065-287-2215
fax + 0065-287-3863

eMail: xcon-asia@xcon.de

Just send us an eMail or fax for an initial contact; on request we'll be glad to send you our product review. Please give us a few details on your enterprise and your objectives / requests, we'll respond without any delay.